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When exams go wrong

Ok so in the news today, a school in Newmarket has been teaching one book for their A level English exam, which turns out not to be the correct book at all. This means that two weeks before they were due to sit their exam, the teacher dropped the bombshell. This horrified pupils and meant that they had to learn an entire new book in a couple of weeks.

Unsurprisingly this school was deemed ‘inadequate’ and ‘a school that requires special measures’ earlier this year by Ofsted, but this begs the question: ‘What on earth is that school, in particular the teacher doing?’

This isn’t the first blunder of this kind, it happened a few years ago as well. It was also portrayed on Waterloo Road a couple of years ago too.

I reminisce back to my GCSE days for a blunder of a different nature, this time it was a fault of the exam board. In my Music exam, we were asked to name a possible composer for pieces of music. The reality is these questions were easy as all you had to do was look at the copyright lists that the exam board had conveniently put on the back of the paper, which listed the composer, the name of the song and the year it was written.

This should not be happening at any level in any way, so as a teaching unit, we should be lobbying the government for an improved system, ie having 1 official exam board, not having several competing against each other, which allows for the exams to be made ‘easier’ so they will be more likely to be used.

What should we do in your opinion? Comment your thoughts 🙂