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‘Hitler wasn’t all bad’, but you are …

The BBC is reporting that a religious education teacher in Scotland has been struck off after telling pupils: “Hitler wasn’t all bad – he killed the Jews, the gays and the disabled”

David McNally also told pupils at Kilwinning Academy that he would rather have been a child abuser and liked to watch porn on his mobile phone.

The remarks were made to S3 and higher RE classes on 1 November 2012. McNally will be struck off after he was found to be unfit to teach by the General Teaching Council for Scotland. In his submission to the General Teaching Council, McNally accepted he had made the remarks but that he was having a particularly bad day.

The teacher – who did not attend the hearing – was accused of making a number of offensive or inappropriate remarks. As well as the remark about Hitler he asked one of his Higher pupils if they had had sex at the weekend. On the same day he said to pupils in his third year class: “I didn’t want to be a teacher. I would rather have been a prison warden or a child abuser.” He also said: “I have a part-time job at a children’s home – they have taught me how to whip a child with a wet towel without leaving a mark.”

The hearing was also told he said: “I love my mobile phone because I can sit and watch porn on it.”

McNally also made inappropriate comments about disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile after widespread reports emerged about him being a child abuser. The General Teaching Council panel noted that McNally had suggested that, after a long career, he had made these comments when he was having a particularly bad day. But the panel rejected his suggestion that the comments had been made in a general sense. It noted that the pupils had reacted to the comments by reporting the matter to their parents.

McNally now has the opportunity to appeal. WHAAAAAATTTTT! Why is he being given the opportunity to appeal?!?!?! This guy is ridiculous! There is nothing to appeal against! In fact he needs to be locked in a mental institution if he really thinks he has a case. What a waste of court’s time this is going to be …


100th post :) and Scotland’s Results Day

Today is a bit of a double good day. Today marks my 100th post on this blog. In this time I’ve gained about 40 followers from all sorts of different careers, including healthy eating campaigners, teachers, parents, as well as some other regular readers such as my mentee from Plymstock, some of my colleagues at uni, even one or two of my University Lecturers. I want to say a huge big thank you to everyone who over the past 3 months has taken the time and interest to read my blog, and hope you all continue to find it interesting. I certainly enjoy doing this and will keep doing so, so more will be on the way 🙂

Ok enough about me, now for the news 🙂

Today is the day when 151000 Scottish candidates all get their results of a hard labour of around 720000 exams. It was announced that all of the major qualifications have hit a higher pass rate, although some more significant than others.

Those who took the Access 2 exams and the Scottish Baccalaureate saw the highest increases of 8.5% and 6.7% respectively, whilst the least significant increases came in the Higher, Access 3 and Standard tiers which showed gains by 0.5%, 0.4% and 0.1% respectively.

This isn’t the most interesting part for me though. While this is all very positive and shows a good performance all round in Scotland, for many this is all a bit of an illusion. Why? Well most of these exams, including the Standard tier are being scrapped, and replaced with new qualifications in a new curriculum. These new ones are not going the same direction as England however. Instead of going for 1 long exam after 2 years worth of work which England is doing, Scotland are moving in totally the opposite direction of moving more towards coursework and classwork. To me this casts doubt on whether either country really knows how to get the best of our education system. This clear cut divide of exams vs coursework is now even larger. I guess the next few years will tell when the results come in so we can make a more direct comparison. As ever when those statistics are released, they will be blogged here 🙂