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School spending protected – or is it?

I’m sure a lot of teachers and educators around were probably thrilled with the news that George Osbourne has signaled that spending in schools will be protected, but I want to look in more detail about what is being protected and perhaps how much.

We all know that the education budget has many parts to it, what Mr Osbourne said was that he would ‘try’ to protect money going into schools, but this doesn’t guarantee that all parts will be protected. We have seen in recent reviews that whilst the budgets have been protected, schools still have had to face cuts at a local level because the councils budgets have been cut. This means that while it looks like schools aren’t baring the brunt of all this austerity on a national scale, at the local level they still are.

Shadow Schools Minister Kevin Brennan also rejects the idea that education spending has been protected. “According to independent analysis from the IFS, David Cameron and Michael Gove have slashed spending on education by the biggest amount since the 1950s. School buildings have fared particularly badly with 60% cuts to capital spending, leaving classrooms crumbling and a huge shortage of primary school places. And as a leaked DfE memo reveals – schools are subject to a real terms cut in their funding. All this is threatening school standards,” said Mr Brennan.

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but I get the feeling that education will not be as protected in next month’s spending review as we might hope. Only time will tell of course, but for those who are trying to get into the profession like myself, it does add a lot of pressure to try and keep standards high in ever more demanding situations.

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