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Teachers less qualified than McDonalds staff according to Labour

I have to say when I saw this on twitter, it reminded me of a long standing joke between myself and my housemate, who studies a Degree (BTec) in History (He thinks it’s a real degree). I know he’s going to read this so he’s going to send me a text message saying PLEASE! LEAVE ME ALONE! as soon as this goes out XD. We’ve had quite a few times of banter and sending memes between each other saying he’s going to end up working in McDonalds. Ah the student banter …

Now back to the serious stuff. The Telegraph is reporting claims from Tristram Hunt that shift managers at McDonald’s require more qualifications than teachers under Michael Gove’s flagship free schools. Mr Hunt, a television historian before entering parliament, said the “wholesale deregulation” of schools had undermined teachers and would drive down standards.

“Under David Cameron, we have this situation where you now need more qualifications to work as a shift manager at McDonald’s than to become a teacher,” Mr Hunt said. “I am pleased McDonald’s insist on qualifications for their shift managers. It’s surprising and alarming that Education Secretary Michael Gove doesn’t operate in the same way.”

He added: “The quality of our teaching system determines the success of our education system, so it makes no sense to water down standards for teachers.”

In 2008 the fast food restaurant introduced an A-level standard Diploma in Shift Management, endorsed by Ofqual, the qualifications watchdog. The on-the-job course is examined by a multiple-choice examination, practical assessments and coursework and teaches business principles and people management.

Mr Gove’s department insists state-funded schools should be able to employ untrained teachers in the same way that private schools “hire the great linguists, scientists, engineers and other specialists they know can best teach and inspire their pupils”.

But the policy has caused a split in the Coalition, with the Liberal Democrats supporting Labour calls for teachers to require teaching qualifications. David Laws, the Liberal Democrat schools minister, yesterday spoke in defence of Mr Gove’s policy in the Commons, before abstaining on the vote. The Labour motion, to force all teachers to have a minimum standard of qualifications, was defeated by 263 to 229 after only one Liberal Democrat voted with the Government.