Talent Shoutout: Piers Awramenko

As I’m sure those of who you have followed my blog for a while will know, education and politics has formed a rather large part of my life and is something that I follow every day, and often construct my only political viewpoints on current events.

Well, Piers Awramenko, a friend of mine from university and student of International Relations has started his own blog documenting his political take on current events, giving some really interesting views. It also talks about why he became interested in International Relations and Political Theories and theorists which leads to the politics we have today.

A link to this talented young man’s blog can be found here: http://piersglobalpoliticsimpressions.wordpress.com/

As you have done for me over the past year, explore his blog, follow it and give him some support. It’s in it’s early stages but definitely one to keep an eye on, as I sure will be! 🙂

Mr M


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