A new year, a new me!

Well another year has gone by, and we are now beginning to enter the new year. Some of us already have, particularly New Zealand.

This year has most certainly been a year of change for me. I’ve lost some people close to me this year, met some amazing new people, started this very blog, worked with some amazing schools and started to show signs of the person people have seen in me all these years. It has only been recently that I’ve been able to start seeing it myself.

Next year will arguably be my toughest yet. I have so much to accomplish this year that the pressure is high. I graduate and become an NQT in just over 5 months, so I’ll be out in the big wide world soon enough. This will also be the first time I feel a sense of achievement of what I’ve been able to do in the last 5 years of rebuilding my life from the miserable start. I don’t just want to graduate, I want to get into work by the end of this year, doing the job I dedicated my life to doing and giving as many generations to come as humanly possible the opportunities they deserve.

I’m not just set out to improve academically. I know to some people I’m still a miserable 21 year old, but believe you me, I don’t want to be any longer. I’ve always wanted to be a better person than I am, and that hasn’t changed. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve met some phenomenal people over the last few years, so if you guys are reading this, you have no idea how grateful I am for the support you’ve given me. I owe you a lot!

All that remains for me to say is HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! MAY THIS YEAR BE GREATER THAN THE LAST! I shall let Slade finish up with some music.


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