Teacher who kissed pupil on date not struck off?!?!?!

Sadly we have yet another case of improper conduct appearing in the news. Only this one has a difference, which I find quite disturbing.

A Religious Education teacher who went on a date with a pupil and kissed her has been allowed to continue working in the same school. George Moore, 30, admitted bombarding the teenager, known as Pupil A for legal reasons, with dozens of emails including 20 messages on one day. The married father-of-one even met up with the girl during the summer holidays in 2012 and in August he took her on a date where he kissed her.

This is the disturbing part. Despite admitting seducing the girl he has been allowed to keep his job following a disciplinary hearing.

Mr Moore first met the girl who was a pupil at The Abbey School, Berkshire in January 2012. He was found guilty of professional misconduct following a hearing in Coventry.

The Secretary of State has spared him a classroom ban after hearing he was a “good teacher.” The hearing found that Moore, who taught Philosophy and Religion at the school, admitted sending emails to the pupil between January and June 2012. The report said: “Mr Moore admits to meeting with Pupil A outside of school on several occasions between 25 July and 8 or 9 September 2012. On a number of these occasions, others were present, including Pupil A’s father, Pupil A’s mother, and friends. Mr Moore also admits that on 8 or 9 September, he kissed Pupil A outside the cinema.”

Mr Moore also admitted attending a meal with sixth formers celebrating the end of their A-levels which was not sanctioned by the school.

The hearing found that Mr Moore became infatuated with the girl and even told her father he loved her. The report said: “The roots of the relationship between Pupil A and Mr Moore began from January 2012, when they began to exchange emails, the frequency of which increased over time. This was during a period when Mr Moore had pastoral responsibility for Pupil A, although we recognise that there was no sexual content or innuendo in the emails exchanged. However, shortly after Pupil A’s exams finished, the relationship between Pupil A and Mr Moore became formal: Mr Moore expressed to Pupil A’s father that he loved Pupil A, and Pupil A told her parents that she was unwilling to break her contact with Mr Moore. The intensity of this relationship leads us to conclude that Mr Moore failed to establish appropriate boundaries with Pupil A whilst at school, which led to the establishment of a formal relationship shortly thereafter.”

Head teacher Ken Moffat said Moore, who started at the school in September 2010, was a “very good teacher” and would be “devastated” if he was struck off. The panel ruled that a prohibition order would “not be a proportionate sanction” and said he was allowed to continue teaching.

I’m sorry, but this is exactly why some ‘teachers’ take part in such activities. We need to make an example of these people. If we let them stay in the profession, we are almost encouraging this behaviour. Moore should be struck off and so should anyone else who thinks they can get away with this. Makes me furious …


2 thoughts on “Teacher who kissed pupil on date not struck off?!?!?!

  1. The whole thing is ridiculous. If you read the report from the tribunal you will see that she was 18 and no-longer a ‘pupil’ when anything approximating a relationship started. Give the guy a break.

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