‘Mindless’ parents in school parking row

This post comes from the Lancashire Evening Post. I just had to post this as I was completely shocked.

Drivers have been branded “mindless and stupid” for driving on footpaths by a Chorley school. It is claimed mothers with children in prams were put at risk in Buckshaw Village.

The incident happened when a lorry was parked blocking Unity Way outside Trinity CE/Methodist Primary School.

Instead of waiting for the lorry to move, parents reportedly took it upon themselves to drive over the public footpath, passing a children’s play area, so they could leave the school. Shocked county councillor Mark Perks said: “This is a real act of stupidity and irresponsible. People could have been hurt, and it goes against every health and safety law. The worst part is that it was parents from the school who were the drivers.”

The incident was reported to the police and Coun Perks has also urged the school, where he is a governor, to highlight the incident to parents. He said: “The school publishes a weekly newsletter, and the parents need to be told this simply cannot happen. This was a mindless act and a real act of stupidity.”

The headteacher at Trinity CE/Methodist Primary School, Jill Wright, was unavailable for comment.

I cannot believe I’m seeing this. We are seeing parents acting irresponsibly in what is effectively a death machine. What kind of example does that set for our children? Not generalising or blaming parents entirely, but it sure gives a pretty dire role model, which could be a major factor in why there are plenty of incidents involving younger drivers on our roads.


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