Educating Scotland?

The masterminds behind Educating Essex in 2011 and Educating Yorkshire this year have settled on making a series up north of the border to Scotland.

Originally, TwoFour had wanted to look at St Joseph’s Academy in Kilmarnock, but after the team visited earlier this month, the headteacher decided to pull out due to concerns about the massive time commitments and the amount of access that the TV crews would need.

What this means is that the hunt for the school is back on, with schools all across Scotland under consideration. Educating Yorkshire was broadcast on Channel 4 earlier this year and followed the fortunes of Thornhill Community Academy in Dewsbury.

The fly-on-the-wall documentary followed pupils and teachers through their daily highs and lows in class.
It was commissioned after the success of original show Educating Essex, which won a BAFTA.

An insider at Plymouth-based Twofour said: “We contacted several local authorities in Scotland to ask if any of schools would be interested. A number came back asking for more details, including St Joseph’s in
Kilmarnock. We went to the school and spoke to the headteacher but they felt it would be too much to commit to and the filming would be too invasive. We’re now following up a few leads with other Scots schools but wouldn’t rule out going elsewhere in the UK if we can’t get a school up north.”

Graham Short, East Ayrshire Council’s education director, said: “St Joseph’s was approached regarding filming in the school and the headteacher consulted staff and parents regarding the project. Following that consultation, the decision was taken not to proceed.”

I would love to see an Educating Scotland, especially as Educating Essex and Yorkshire both quashed a lot of very typical stereotypes of those areas, such as the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype. I would love to see the pies and lack of fruit stereotypes that exist about Scotland. I can’t wait!


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