A disgusting new Government App …

I have to say I’m appalled. If the mail are to be believed, it has been reported that the government are building an app which allows parents to compare their child’s academic progress with other pupils of similar social backgrounds for the first time.

Department of Education officials say that data based on exam results – such as GCSEs and SATs – is now so sophisticated it can be broken down into social groups based on factors such as family wealth. They are working with technology companies to produce a user-friendly digital app and have launched a pilot scheme with 100 volunteer parents.

A DfE spokesman said: ‘The information would allow parents to have a clearer sense of how their child is performing.’
No it won’t! All it will do is encourage parents to compare their children to other children, which we do not do in the classroom. We do not discuss the progress of other children with one child’s parents, it’s a complete no no. So why on earth, DfE, are you trying to active encourage it?

Also why on earth are you buying into the smartphone technology? Not every family has a smartphone, making them easily isolated by this particular app.

As you can probably imagine, I’m not modern technology’s biggest fan. Well I say that … While I don’t like the idea that technology is plaguing our children as we’re encouraging them to look at screens, which can effect their eyesight, I do understand that we’re heading down a technology route. This is why all these apps are around these days. Companies are going to great lengths to make money out of us.

Also there are means of comparison out there, like the national statistics. Why bring something else in? Who’s going to use this? If I’m honest, the chances are the parents who are going to use this app are the ones who put pressure on their children as is. What good is this going to do to these kids? I wouldn’t want to add to their stress. We put enough on them with all these exams in the first place.


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