My hometown’s longest serving headmaster is retiring :(

Today marks the day where my hometown’s longest serving headmaster retires. Not only is he the longest serving head, he was the headmaster of Poole Grammar School, of which I attended and have some very great memories from (and some bad ones but we won’t dwell on those). I remember him as the first man who ever told me I could achieve success in whatever I put my mind to. Without his support and belief in me and everyone around me, I would not be sat here writing this blog and training to be a teacher. Who knows? I might be the next Ian Carter someday. I sure hope so.

He will leave his role at the end of this term after completing just under 10 years in post where he has ensured that Poole Grammar School has become one of the leading Grammar Schools in the South West. Along with putting in place an innovative and supportive new school structure for the expansion of the school he has overseen many new developments including, in recent years, a new Sixth Form Centre, Learning Resource Centre, Theatre, Music School and innumerable redevelopments of existing buildings. He has also driven up academic standards and placed Poole Grammar School on the national and international stages through the work it has done through the International Boys’ Schools Coalition and the South West Academic Trust. During his tenure pupils have achieved national and international success in academic work, sport, music and drama and will no doubt continue to do so over the coming years.

He will be departing to engage in new challenges back in the world of academia; leading projects in the field of wildlife conservation; areas that some 30 years ago, prior to entering the teaching profession, he pursued in the rainforests of Borneo, whilst also taking up a role overseas in the Methodist Church.

Ian Carter said “This has been a very hard decision but my wife Suzy and I felt it was the right time to move onto a new chapter in our lives. An opportunity arises and you take it so that you don’t say in 10 years’ time, What if? I have loved living and working in the Poole community and seen generations of young people flourish during my time at the school along with seeing our son and daughter progress through local schools. The community of schools in Poole is very special and the staff who lead them are an incredible group of professionals from whom I’ve learnt so much. The School motto is Finis Opus Coronat ,very loosely translated as “The more you put in the more get out” That is a maxim for life that I have tried to live while leading Poole Grammar School and I am sure my successor will build on the sure foundations that are in place for the further development of the school over the coming years”.

Ken Power, Chairman of Governors, said “Ian Carter has provided Poole Grammar School with inspired and innovative leadership over many years. He has led the School through to Academy status and a major expansion incorporating the benefit of an imaginative new build. This will enable more Poole students than ever before to benefit from a Grammar School education. It is important to appreciate that recent progress has been achieved against a backdrop of significant financial constraint. Under Ian’s leadership the results in pubic examinations have shown sustained improvement whilst never losing sight of the meaning of an all-round education. As Chairman of Governors I have enjoyed working with Ian over the past four years; he leaves the school in a very strong position and the governing body wish him well in all his future projects.”

I also add my well wishes to Ian, he may be going but he won’t be forgotten.


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