Is your school the next Educating Yorkshire star?

For those of you who may not know about this or haven’t watched it, firstly why not? And secondly, watch it! It’s on channel 4 on Thursday nights I believe. The show is based on Thornhill Secondary School in Dewsbury, Yorkshire (as if you couldn’t guess), and it’s a documentary about a challenging school with a revolutionary head teacher and how they tackle all the trials and tribulations of a wide range of pupils from the youngest year 7 finding their feet through to those taking GCSEs and A levels. I’m sure most of you reading this can probably think of those good (or bad) old days.

Well now the producers of the show, TwoFour are on the hunt for another school willing to let the cameras roll in and reveal their secrets, tips and tricks to the nation, having had so much success with millions of views with Educating Essex (2011) and the current Educating Yorkshire (2013).

“We want to capture the experiences of both staff and a diverse range of pupils,” said the show’s assistant producer Rebecca Symons. “From the new Year 7s finding their feet at ‘big school’ to older students negotiating the ups and downs of being a teenager. Once again we will be looking to use the technique of fixing cameras to the walls, which allows us to film very unobtrusively, without the need for production staff in the room. We know the strength and impact of this series relies on us finding an enthusiastic school with a forward-thinking headteacher who will be excited at the prospect of working in close collaboration with us.”

If you are a teacher/headteacher and want more information, the production company have an email address you can contact:

I certainly love these series and am definitely looking forward to the next one, no matter where the school is. I’m thinking about trying to persuade my old school to do it XD


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