How to start the year off? 50 ways to introduce yourself

In the week that children are returning back to school, the first day can seem like such a daunting prospect for both children and teacher. Today’s post is not going to be me banging on about the news for a change, but something that I found on twitter. This is a resource found on the TES website, and it’s called 50 ideas for meeting your new class.

Link to resource:

You will need to join to download the resource, it’s free to join so don’t worry about it đŸ˜‰

My favourite one of these is the idea of putting objects that mean something to you in a shoebox, taking them out in turn and describing them to the class. I would choose my Manchester City shirt, my Volleyball U18 Dorset Championship gold medal, and a photograph of the first class I taught as a teacher. This would allow the children to get to know me, and in order to get to know them, a simple activity to do would be to get the children to write about what they would put into their shoebox and why, which will then allow me to get an idea of their interests without having to ask every child in turn, which could be more time consuming. I really like how this can be adapted to any year group, not just the primary years or KS1. I’m certainly going to look at doing that on my next teaching practice.

What would you put in your shoebox and why? What other ideas can you think of to introduce yourself to your class?


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