Poorly performing governors should be sacked, says committee

Poorly performing governors in England’s schools should be removed from office, an MPs’ committee says.

The Commons Education Committee said the quality of governing bodies, manned by volunteers, was inadequate in many schools, particularly primaries. It called for better measures for intervention when governing bodies were poor or failing.

The government said it had given governors more power to hold head teachers to account on performance.

The report said governing bodies performed a critical role in school leadership. They are responsible for appointing staff, setting achievement targets, managing school finances and reviewing staff pay and performance, among other things.

Education Secretary Michael Gove has said he wants to speed up reforms to school governance, but a year ago he offended many volunteer governors by saying they were often “local worthies” who viewed their post as a “badge of status not of work”.

This to me looks like the government just want to treat schools and governors the same way in which football clubs treat their managers, in the sense that if the club/school isn’t performing well, sack the managers/governors and bring someone else.

Often these governors are volunteers, mostly parents of children in the school or former members of the school. If a school starts sacking governors then it doesn’t exactly encourage new people to become governors. It would make the school look like the football club nobody wants to manage. This would be disastrous when you consider that statistics show that one in nine governor positions in English schools at the moment are vacant. We want this statistic lessening not worsening.


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