Graduate employment on the rise!

Graduate vacancies at Britain’s “top” employers are at their highest since 2008, new research suggests.

Britain’s 100 “leading employers” have 4.6% more jobs for new graduates than in 2012, High Fliers Research said.

But its study of the 2013 graduate market said there were still an average 46 applicants for each position.

Last month the Higher Education Statistics Agency said it believed 10% of UK students remained unemployed six months after graduating in 2012.

The latest study suggests that the rise in vacancies for graduates is higher than expected.

Earlier this year, the same group of employers predicted that graduate vacancies would increase by 2.7%.

The data is based on responses from the 100 organisations which a poll of 18,000 final year students at 30 selected universities identified as offering the best career opportunities.

Despite this year’s increase in recruitment, “vacancies for university leavers at the UK’s best known and most popular employers remain below the pre-recession intake seen in 2007,” says the report, The Graduate Market in 2013.

Vacancies for new graduates dropped by 17.8% between 2008 and 2009, sprang back in 2010 but dipped again last year.

The report also predicts a further increase next year, which is good news for those like myself graduating next year.

Whilst this looks good for the very top employers, the report doesn’t hold any suggestions as to what may happen further down the chain. What I’m hoping for is some report about the number of graduates who are entering the teaching profession some time soon, as that will give the profession a good indicator of what Mr Gove’s education destruction plans … I mean reforms have been doing, particularly when we have seen strikes and reports of teachers leaving the profession or wanting to leave.


2 thoughts on “Graduate employment on the rise!

  1. Great news for graduates seeking to join one of the 17,217 vacancies on graduate schemes with big name recruiters. With over 400,000 graduate job seekers from this year (and last) competition will always be tough but the jobs market doesn’t end here. Think of the bigger picture, globally, and the horizons for graduate job seekers look completely different. GRB strongly advise graduates to research the jobs market thoroughly and then target their approach with carefully tailored CVs. Graduates need help and guidance and there are plenty of providers out there offering free services so use everything at your disposal to land your dream job!

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