Malala Yousafzai calls for education to be top priority

The Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot by the Taliban, Malala Yousafzai, is to mark her 16th Birthday next month to lead calls for education to become a top priority in failing states around the world.

The teenager added: “Let us work together for the rights of girls and boys. Let us build schools.”

Malala survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban in October after being targeted for standing up for her right to go to school in her home country. Surgeons in Pakistan removed a bullet from her head and she was flown to Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital for further treatment.

Doctors discharged Malala from hospital in January and she now attends Edgbaston High School for girls in Birmingham. The schoolgirl has also set up her own charity, the Malala Fund, in conjunction with Hollywood actor Angelina Jolie no less. It aims to support the education and empowerment of girls in Pakistan and around the world.

Several events are due to take place on 12 July, which has been dubbed Malala Day, that will be supported by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and charity Plan International.

What do you think? Should states that are deemed to be failing should prioritise education?


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