Fast tracking into teaching?

Ok so in the news today, the government has announced a new programme where former armed forces personnel without a degree will be fast tracked into teaching, which leads me to the question: Does fast tracking make sense?

I find this story quite surprising. I don’t really understand the logic. The armed forces and teaching are two very different disciplines altogether, so surely fast tracking one into the other is just a complete mismatch.

Another issue I see is the level of discipline. You wouldn’t see a class teacher shout ‘DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 20!’ or a member of the armed forces saying ‘You may now start the test’. So surely there has to be some form of conflict there.

I can understand a member of the armed forces coming in as a visiting guest speaker to talk about wars or military history, but would they necessarily be able to teach children maths as well as someone who has been teaching for years or has recently spent 4 years in teacher training? I don’t think so.

What do you think? Should members of the armed forces be fast tracked into teaching? Should fast tracking be available in any profession, not just teaching?


4 thoughts on “Fast tracking into teaching?

  1. I think it’s a great idea. My Dad is ex military and has been a teacher since he left the Marines. It’s only for those who have been in some sort of leadership position. They will be able to bring leadership, teamwork etc to teaching. I expect they will be a lot more mature than many 21/22 year olds who can become teachers. The course is two years, with four days in school and one in uni. They’ll get more experience in school than we do over our four years, and I think we all know that is where we do most of our learning!

    1. Hi Amy, nice to see you commenting 🙂

      I have military background too, but this military style discipline will not work in a school. I agree that they can bring leadership and teamwork, but this is not necessarily the focus of the curriculum, it’s a life skill.

      I like the idea that they spend more time in schools, it would be nice for us to have that kind of ratio haha.

      Mr M

      1. Who is to say that they will use the same methods of discipline as they do in the military? I’m sure as part of their teacher training they will be given direction on behaviour management, just as we are.

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