IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!! and some of my favourite videos from youtube

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to take a break from my usual blogging of what’s happening in the news, as I’m 21 today! Not only that, but I have finished my 3rd year of uni, and am pretty sure I’m guaranteed to be on at least a 2.1 at this stage, so I’m so happy right now 🙂

So today I thought I would talk about something I like to do every now and then.

I’ve been described in the past as someone who does nothing but work, eat and sleep (more the eating part I might add haha). However, I do sometimes have some time on my hands so I like to watch videos on youtube like everybody else, so I thought I would share some of my favourite videos with you guys. Be sure to watch them, and subscribe to them if you have a youtube account and enjoy them as much as I do. So here we go …

Markiplier is an American student who wanted to make a difference to people across the internet. He plays all sorts of games, including horror, rage games and minecraft, in amongst doing livestreaming for charity. His reactions are really funny and he’s well worth a watch. Also watch his Draw My Life video where he explains his background, because it’s not easy to believe when you first watch one of his videos.

The next one is something that I shouldn’t laugh at but I simply can’t help it. I just really loved Charlie’s laugh haha. It certainly put’s a smile on my face when I’m on a bit of a downer.

Last but by no means least, is my favourite video of all time. I love the talking animals, especially the parrot, the dog who speaks German and the hamster is such a reminder of me when I’m headbanging to my music (yes I am one of those people)


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