Should smoking in cars carrying children be banned?

OK I’ve been meaning to post on this for a while now, but I kept forgetting so I’m finally getting to it.

This emerged after Jim Hume MSP launched a bid to make this illegal. I have good points and further development points to this.

I like the fact that this has finally got the light it deserves as it is an issue that is constantly around. In fact my Nan smokes in the car on a regular basis so it’s something that I know first hand.

It is no secret that smoking doesn’t just affect you, it affects others around you too. In fact I remember seeing on the news a couple of years ago before the smoking ban was introduced in public buildings, where the two bartenders were tested for traces of nicotine in their system, even though neither smoked themselves. They found that both bartenders had traces in their body, meaning that they could just as easily get lung cancer as the smokers themselves. If this is true for adults with developed immune systems, think about the damage it can do to children who’s immune systems are not necessarily so fully developed.

I have actually worked in a school where a child’s mother smokes in the car on the way to school, and it has been a fair few occasions where the child has come in with clothes smelling of nicotine. This is not something that the other children don’t notice and it led her to be isolated by her peers, causing low self esteem, which in turn led to lower attainment.

I respect the fact that this has got some recognition, but I think this isn’t the only thing that needs to be questioned. The parents smoking anywhere where children are present should be made illegal in my opinion. It’s not just the nicotine fumes either. I’m also looking at the kind of role model that sets up. We have seen a rise in teenage smoking over past few years, yet noone seems to give a thought as to why that may be. Bandura claims that children develop the behaviours of their caregivers, so maybe the children adopt smoking because their parents do.


Comment your thoughts 🙂


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