Banning of daytime takeaway food – Maybe?

Ok so it came out that a councilor in the Salford area of Manchester has proposed the idea that takeaway food shouldn’t be served in the daytime so that children in the area are encouraged to eat healthier (Full article available here: so I’m going to offer my take on all this.

As a lot of you know by now as I’ve done a few posts about food lately, I am all for healthy eating, especially among children. We have far too many obese people in the country as it is, so tackling the problem from childhood is a good way to make a start.

The problem I see is how is this going to work? Children are not often allowed out of school for lunch until they are in Sixth Form in most areas to my knowledge, which means the children mentioned in the article (10-11 year olds) do not fit into this category.

I think what will actually happen is that if this ban is imposed, it will simply drive these shops out of the area. It’s not just children who use these shops as those who work or other local residents will probably want to use them too, so they are actually wiping out a market, leading to a poorer economy within the area.

This proposal is open to public consultation on the 5th July so it will be interesting to see what happens.


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