I have a dream …

OK today is going to be all about dreams and ambitions.

People always have ambitions, even people from my background. Over the years I’ve met many different people and come across many different ambitions. So I wanted to share my own ambitions, and some of those that children have told me in my teaching years.

My ambition

    My own personal ambition is to prove my belief that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, you can always achieve your potential if your mind is on it. To those who’ve read my very first post about my life, it is very obvious why. That theory is also my motivation for becoming a teacher, I wanted to make that possible. My real ambition is to make a real positive contribution to the world, by working on the front line of developing generations of young talent for the future. Recently I’ve been mentoring a fantastic young girl, Hannah, who wants to become a teacher as well. She’s currently working through her GCSEs and is quite possibly the most amazing person I’ve worked for in all the years I’ve been mentoring and teaching. I look forward to the day when she joins the profession too.

    Some ambitions I’ve been told

Now I’m going to give some ambitions of children I’ve worked with in the past, some are quite amusing and others really made me emotional;

“I have a dream that I will become a dustbin man, so I can keep the world a cleaner place” Yr 1 boy

“I have a dream that I will be successful in whatever I choose to do” Yr 2 girl

“I have a dream that I will make my family proud, and maybe even be famous one day” Year 3 girl

and one that almost brought me to tears;

“I have a dream that I will be an awesome teacher like you Mr Melaney” Year 6 boy

What ambitions do you have? Feel free to comment 🙂


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