Superstition and exams??

It came out recently that 1 in 3 students wear ‘lucky exam underwear’ to boost chances on exams, according to a poll so I thought I’d do a piece on superstition.

We’ve all been under the pressure and strain of exams in our time, and we all deal with things in different ways. Some people need mind-managing in order to cope, others are more able to handle it on their own. Some people clearly like to wear lucky charms to handle it.

My only real possible superstition was that I couldn’t do well in an exam if I was talking to other people before the exam. This was so that I would always be completely focused on the task at hand. I would often not talk to anyone afterwards either. Was this really a superstition? I’m not convinced. I always thought of it more as a preference. I certainly didn’t have lucky charms or anything. I’ve never believed in them

Does anyone have any exam superstitions they aren’t ashamed of owning up to? Feel free to comment 🙂


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