School dinners – are they really?

Today I’m going to bring you an article about School dinners.

To those who currently have school dinners, the image is clear. The food just looks hideous and not particularly appetising, but you have to eat it otherwise you go hungry. That’s what my old teacher used to say to me back in the day.

I’ve always thought that schools should be promoting healthy eating, and Jamie Oliver has been trying for a long time to make that happen. I remember working in a school not too long ago, and just standing in the school hall which had tables laid out for children to sit at, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. What was a roast dinner apparently was a piece of meat that was so thin you could see the plate underneath through it, vegetables that were so soggy they might as well be water, and the gravy was basically water, and these poor kids have to suffer that.

So this makes me think: Are school dinners as healthy as they think they are? For me that answer is currently no. So for me, schools should be focusing on dealing with the quality of food so the children are more fueled for learning, especially those who are on a lower income. A recent article I saw highlighted that a couple of companies and charities were giving out free breakfasts to less well off children to provide fuel for their exams. We should be making sure all children are fed properly if we are to ensure they are fit for learning.

Comment your thoughts on this, and your experiences


4 thoughts on “School dinners – are they really?

    1. Thanks for this Oliver, I was trying to find this because I forgot what it was called. Makes you sick when you think she was actually trying to prove a point, and all she gets is reprimanded.

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