Income as a factor on education

Apologies for not bringing a blog yesterday I was rather ill.

Today I’m going to bring you an article about Household Income and education in the day that Michael Gove decides to announce that pupil premiums should be protected from all the cuts. This made me question as to what the premium is for.

The article on the BBC website stated that the pupil premium was introduced in April 2011 with the aim of bringing the achievements of poorer pupils up to the level of their better-off peers. This irritates me slightly.

Those who know my background as they’ve read my first blog will know that I come from a low income family myself. I’m an unusual case because I am a very talented individual so people say. I am living proof that just because I’m from a low income family, it doesn’t mean I’m not as bright as some of my peers. In fact I remember a kid at school who came from a higher income family, and if I’m honest, he was a bit on the arrogant side. He would accuse me of cheating in a Maths paper because I would get 100% in a very short time, and he wouldn’t get 100%.

The reality from my own experience is that those who are of lower income, may struggle socially but they can match their peers for ability. So the lesson from this as teachers: Do not stereotype your children, no matter how easy it may be. Sometimes those who struggle at home are the most amazing children to teach. I taught in a school in a deprived area and probably had the best time of my life with that class, and I still miss being there, despite it being over a year ago since I was last there.


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