Which should come first: Exams or your birthday?

Today it’s all about the story about a parent who was angry about her daughter’s school sending her a letter asking her to delay her birthday party until after SATs, and who was right in this story. For anyone who doesn’t know the story, the mail covered it here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2320821/School-Tiverton-asks-parents-delay-Grease-birthday-party-night-SATs-tests.html

What shocked me the most about this story is the parent. I can understand that every child wants to celebrate their birthday, but it is not sensible to have a party ending that late at night when these children are 11 years old, when they have SATs the following day. The parent claimed she was ‘responsible’ but she doesn’t realise how important SATs are? It’s not the 11 year old’s birthday, it’s her older sister’s but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s not a sensible time. The other thing that struck me was how the parent claimed it was an invasion of privacy. Well this does hold true, so long as what the Mail believed happened. But if an 11 year old kid turns up to school with a load of invites for friends, then something is clearly happening and questions will be asked. Those in the teaching profession have seen that time and time again.

On the other side of this is the school. What I found comical about the letter sent according to the Mail, was just how many mistakes that were made in this letter, such as spelling weekend in two words, not using indentations to start paragraphs etc. Not a particularly good advert for a Headteacher. I’m dyslexic and don’t make those elementary mistakes. The school are concerned about SATs results, why shouldn’t they be? That’s what the councils look at to determine league tables and such like. I don’t think the school handled it in the best possible way. A letter isn’t always the best way, I personally would have asked to see the parents in person to discuss the matter. I can understand the school for questioning it. I also don’t see the issue with holding it the following weekend when the SATs are over.

What side are you on? Who do you think is right in this story?


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